Thursday, August 25, 2011

Qadaffi's Qondi Qrush

I'm not much of a looter myself, but I think I would enjoy picking through the rubble of Qaddafi's palace. The big news today is that Qaddafi, who had previously expressed a soft spot for Condi Rice, had a photo album of pictures of her in his room. She must be seriously creeped out. Here's a shot of it:

That doesn't look like the kind of thing we give as a gift, so I'm guessing someone in Libya made that for him. Yep, yuck.

Meanwhile, the "distinctive fur" the NY Times mentioned is probably this lovely hat:

He wore it in February, and he clearly did some Jersey Shore-worthy fist pumping in it. I'm not gonna lie: I would totally wear that.

I am quite disappointed at the lack of Qaddafi loot for sale on eBay. Attention, rebels TNC forces: people would pay a lot for this (I actually yelled this at the TV as I watched someone walk away with it on Al Jazeera). Yeah yeah, stand on it a while longer, but then get it on eBay!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Vanity Fair's annual best-dressed list is out, and we congratulate YBMMF faves Sheikha Mozah and Princess Kate on their well-deserved inclusion. However, we were struck by the inclusion of the Duchess of Alba, a current obsession of ours, but not necessarily in a best-dressed way.

Yes, it's true that the easiest reaction to her is "what happened to her face?" However, her Wikipedia page alone is amazing, for the following reasons:
- she is related to both Winston Churchill and Goya;
- her six children all have unbelievably long names, and most either have their own paternity questions or have produced children that do;
- her current boyfriend is 24 years her junior (you go!) and she is allegedly giving her children their inheritances early in order to get them to BUTT OUT AND LET HER HAVE FUN WITH A CUTE YOUNG GUY AND NOT ALWAYS TALK ABOUT THE MONEY.
- she allegedly has so many titles that Queen Elizabeth would have to bow to HER.

So, she's probably pretty fun. And the clothes? The clothes are, as they say, loco.

Yeah, loco. However, she's 86 and not wearing orthopedic shoes and/or mom jeans (she's probably never even seen them), and I would actually consider wearing those flats. I'm not sure if it's best-dressed, but I kind of dig it.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thawing relations? Maybe. Stone cold fox? Definitely!

In keeping with the praise directed at India's Foreign Minister (who indeed is quite dapper), I'd like to draw your attention to the other side of Kashmir and specifically, to Pakistan's chic, Birkin-toting, Cavalli-donning new Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar. She's 34 (which makes me wonder where I wandered off the path, as I'm 31 and not close to being the Foreign Minister of anything), fashion-forward, and getting the job done. Khar is a U-Mass grad in Hospitality Management, which probably does have some strong parallels to her current gig in terms of soothing ruffled feathers.

Khar was applauded in India for her fashion, and even called "Pakistan's newest WMD". She's got a long, uphill slog with India-Pakistan tensions always at a near-boil, but she's got the right foot (covered by the right shoe) forward. Check out the photos, including one with the late U.S. diplomat superstar, Richard Holbrooke. What do you think about her style?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shout-Out: S.M. Krishna

Even though I've seen S.M. Krishna, the Indian Foreign Minister, in a lot of pictures, it just dawned on my today how dapper he is. I think it was this series of photos, in which he appears to be genuinely having a good time. He also is, as usual, rocking the Nehru jacket, which would look silly on a lot of people - but not this guy.

Cute, right? The number of photos in which she is wearing that expression make me think he is a charming guy.

He rocks variations of this suit a lot, and I like them all.

He also pulls off the vest look, which I do give South Asian men credit for wearing successfully.

But this is definitely my favorite shot of him. It also reminds you that a) he is short and b) they are tall.

Can you believe the guy is 79? And that he went to Southern Methodist University? And that Pervez Musharaf also has Dallas ties? I hope they don't run into each other at Neiman Marcus one day - awkward!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Washington Social Diary (no, I don't read that, it's amazing it exists, but it was linked from New York Social Diary) has an illuminating feature on a party last week thrown by the Capital Club, which it charitably describes as a "male bastion for those who will eventually transition into the aging establishment." First of all, it's Capitol, but whatever. 

Secondly, the pictures look my breath away, in a bad way. The Capitol Capital Club appears to comprise dudes who look like this (and two of them are actually named Win and Fritz):

Oh, and also dudes who dress like this:

And the girls who love them, who are both those dumb bitches who take forever in the bathroom at a bar you didn't want to go to anyway because it's full of these people (and in Adams Morgan)/probably interns in Foggy Bottom.

Anyway, in the nasty spirit of this post, I hereby reprint below, courtesy of NY Social Diary, the Capitol Capital Club's "private" membership list. I have looked over it and am relieved to see no one I know, short of Luke Russert, whom I don't actually know, but who I thought was somewhat above this. Also, it's giving me some great baby name ideas. Bo and Ford and Houston and King, oh my! Enjoy!

Gerrit Lansing
Paul Spellman
Chris Coleman
Miles Pratt
Drew Aldridge
David All
Grant Allen
Sidney Allen
Tim Baier
Rudy Barry
Ben Bartlett
Ian Bennitt
Bobby Blair
Trey Bohn
Grier Buchanan
Beau Burke
Ross Cameron
Moore Capito
Thomas Carlisle
Randall Casper
Alex Castellanos
Chris Cathcart
Colin Chapman
Drew Cole
Chris Cox
Will Cox
Mike Dendas
Chip Dent
Jack Devilliers
Liam Donovan
Will DeWaltoff
Watson Donald
Will Ensenat
Teddy Eynon
Connor Faught
Andrew Forbes
Nelson Freeman
Curt Gallagher
David Gallalee
Michael Galloway
Willie Gaynor
Andrew Bird
Matt Duckworth
Nick Magalianes
Rick Goddard
Chris Gorges
Roy Granger
Taylor Gross
Gib Hale
John Hand
Rich Haselwood
Louis Hengen
John Herzog
Greg Hill
Perry Hubbard
Davis Hunt
Dawson Hunter
Nick Hunter
Matt Jessee
Caleb Jones
Jim Ketterer
Jeff Kimbell
Andrew Knapp
Chris Krueger
Justin Lange
Will Lansing
Mat Lapinski
Chris Larsin
John Lawrence
Matt Leffingwell
David Lehman
Gideon Lett
Casey Long
Kyle Manning
David Marra
Jeb Mason
Chris May
Wes McAdams
Alex McGee
Andrew McKenna
Andrew Mills
King Mueller
Ford O'Connell
Ed Parkinson
Tyler Boyd
John Goodwin
Ryan O'Dwyer
Otis Ofori
Will Oliver
Josh Overbay
Andrew Parmentier
Joe Pegram
Jay Perron
Ashton Randle
Robert Ransom
Brendan Reilly
Sergio Rodriguera
Luke Russert
Walker Rutherfurd
Houston Sanford
Chad Scarborough
Bobby Schwartz
David Schwarz
George Seals
Brendan Shields
Ben Siegrist
Thomas Snedeker
Mike Spellman
Keith Studdard
Rodney Taylor
Jason Topercer
Bo Valdes
Shawn Vassell
Matt Vredenburgh
George Vincent
Jay Walker
Brian Walsh
Rich Ward
Matt Weinstein
Martin Whitmer
Mark Williams
Matt Wise

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What to Wear When...

...walking out of court with your husband after he is suddenly granted bail and it's alleged the woman he allegedly raped may ACTUALLY allegedly be a hooker!

I hadn't considered this scenario very much before today, but this is about right:

It says "I am serious, I don't seem to feel too bad about any of this and SHE IS A HOOKER." (All of these allegations are from the NY Post, by the way - thanks to my parents for bringing it down from New York today.) I still don't really understand standing by your man in this context, when at the very least he had sex with someone at the Sofitel, but whatever. (This led to a long conversation with my mom at dinner about French woman and how she doesn't believe they actually tolerate this crap.) Anyway, I can't tell you what it going through Anne Sinclair's head right now, but she does look as good as possible, which is something. (Also, nice suit DSK, but I'm not surprised at all.)

Monaco: Even Less Interesting Than I Always Thought

The ladies of YBMMF were pretty excited for the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. She is super-gorg, has good taste, and there was a chance until the last moment, according to the press, that she wasn't going to show up to her own wedding, which would have been quite something. But she did, and while the outfits for the religious ceremony and the reception were both very nice, very safe but lovely, the civil ceremony getup was a scrolldown head-scratcher:

Gack! It's like she woke up late in her blue nightgown and, while racing toward the main floor, stole the blazer off a tour guide at the palace. Really, Charlene? I feel like we're going to see her in lots of things like this from now on.

For me, this was a troubling sign of what was to come, fashion wise, the next day: a whole lotta pastels, a whole lot of really minor European royalty, and a ton of playing it safe.  The entire Casiraghi clan (i.e. the spawn of Grace Kelly) look super pissed in every photo, pretty much everyone looks like they went to the same overzealous plastic surgeon on the way to the ceremony, and several people look squeezed in to pastel blandness that really wasn't worth it. The only guests I found the least bit intriguing were these:

Who is that, you ask? That is the Aga Khan in the center, I believe Bernadette Chiraq on the right, and Farah Pahlavi, the widow of the Shah, on the left. I've actually never seen her before, but I find her quite chic, so we'll have to keep our eye out for her. According to the proliferation of news about her on the Interwebs, she is another commoner who married a royal (although Iran didn't have the kind of royalty-in-waiting class that Europe does), she is very well educated and has pretty much lived quietly between Washington and Paris for a long time. And she's clearly friends with the Aga Khan, which is a point in her favor. Also, she didn't wear a tiara to this wedding, unlike a whole lot of other people, and for that, I commend her.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weapons of War

We at Your Bottoms have had a grand time deriding the fashion decisions of one Colonel Qaddafi. So when a prominent politician from Denmark heads to Libya dressed to the nines, the comparison can't be avoided. Helle Thorning Schmidt, Social Democrat party leader, has set hometown media abuzz by being photographed in a military plane en route to Libya.

No, she was not wearing a misshapen caftan with the continent of Africa scattered all over it, and no, her hair was not in a Moammar-Mullet. She was wearing a killer pair of stilettos and carrying a designer red patent leather handbag.

Why is this a bad thing? As fellow intrepid travelers who have seen their fair share of military flights, we know the unique challenges and opportunities such travel puts on your wardrobe. To look put together, strong and in charge is a sign of success, and this woman landed herself firmly in the Your Bottoms "DO!" column.

Helle Thorning Schmidt, we salute you. And though we couldn't find the exact photo of your fashion genius moment, these make it clear that you are fiercely fashion forward all the time!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Doldrums Already?

It's only June, but I feel like it's the week before Memorial Day in YBMMF land. I need to stop obsessing about Kate Catherine, although let me just say that this look, at the Epsom Derby, is absolutely incredible.

Our fearless American fashion stars have been pretty subdued lately. I suppose a dinner for Angela Merkel doesn't call for avant-garde effort, but really, the pictures almost put me to sleep. After going through them, the only guest who deserves any sort of plaudit is Google VP Marissa Mayer:

Well-played! However, when you are the most inherently glamorous person at the party, and the only one I've seen in Vogue recently or am likely to see soon, you have a leg up to begin with. It's June, people. You're eating in the garden. Show your arms! Try florals!

Finally, Sec. Clinton has been traveling a lot lately, and I thought we'd get some good pictures out of that. However, look at this Libya Contact Group photo only if you want to be put to sartorial sleep.

I know that a meeting on Libya doesn't call for sparklypony fancypants glee, but really peozzzzz I totally fell asleep there.

Let's go people! Do something crazy! At least the Price Albert wedding is a few weeks away - that should bring out some effort.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Years Later, a Real Gem

It's 2009. The Obamas are meeting the head of the IMF at the G-20 summit in Pittsburg. Our girl Michelle looks, of course, fantastic. And we're not the only ones who noticed.

Ha ha!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

London Calling!

Amazingly, the picture of the Europe trip so far - a trip that promised to be a fashion extravaganza feature our girls Michelle, Kate and Carla, among others - doesn't have a Middleton in it!

This is just amazing. Do you think they called each other? Well-played, all around.

And of course, there was this. I thought the angles on all the pool shots from this meet-and-greet were a little unflattering. However, I think that, side-by-side, I'm gonna have to call this duel for Team America. Yes, Kate looks great, and super skinny (maybe too skinny?) and pulled-together. But M.O. beats her out on presence, and originality - she looks like she just threw this fabulous outfit on.

So, what do we think?

Shout Out: Esther Brimmer

The girls of YBMMF are big fans of the jacket. Particularly among women who exert authority in a roomful of men, the jacket is a way to look grown-up and serious - but it doesn't have to be dowdy. Case in point: Esther Brimmer, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations, and routine exerter of authority in rooms full of men.

She has a lot of great jacket looks, and I think this is my favorite. (Note to Chelsey Davy: this would have looked good at a certain wedding.)

She also changes up her hair, which I appreciate.

Too many women get stuck in a rut or think changing their hair makes them look vapid. (Or, like me, they're just lazy.) Okay, in this photo her hair is sort of the same, but I like this jacket too.

I would also like to point out that Dr. Brimmer has spent almost her entire career in the public sector, and was most recently in academia, which probably has even more fashion offenders than 23rd street between D and F on Monday at 8:10 a.m.  What am I trying to say? That being a fed is no excuse for being a frump.

For your I'm-in-charge-and-I-look-awesome-too consistency, Esther Brimmer, we salute you.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Messy, Messy Chelsy Davey

I have to say it, I am a little afraid of Chelsy Davy. She sort of looks like she was the meanest alpha girl in her private school, or like Jenna Bush without Laura Bush's oversight. So, assuming she'd like to eventually become Mrs. Prince Harry (and hello! we would all like that!), this is a good day to look the part, right? Be future-princessy? Apparently not.

Re: my post below on also being a curvy girl, let me say: this neckline is not flattering. And the hair! This is the day to hire someone! This is the day to be a blond Kate when it comes to your hair! People love her because she would never leave the house looking like this. Based on the reaction of the 200 women I watched the wedding with, Harry is the hottest ticket in the world. Work for it!

Friday, April 29, 2011


The ladies of YBMMF spent the wee hours of the morning at the Ritz, fully enjoying the Royal Wedding (and a buffet). We were in agreement on many things, on which we will be sure to comment in more posts this weekend on perhaps the greatest fashion day of our lives (at least, recently). One of these ladies, however, divided the camp.

First of all; Princess Eugenie (left), no. I can't decide if it's more Helena Bonham Carter or Sharon Osbourne, but if that's the choice I'm down to, that is not good news for her. As a curvy girl, I know firsthand the importance of avoiding anything that looks like like a casing your sausage is stuffed into, if you know what I mean. The hat is actually not terrible, but nobody is going to give her any credit. Does it look like a beige spider is attacking her face? A little. But dang it, she's a princess, she's kooky, it's the biggest wedding ever - go for it!

Now, Princess Beatrice. I have previously lauded her for looks that make her look almost - but not totally - crazy, and girlfriends likes her Philip Tracey insanity. Therefore, I think this works, because of the monochrome nature of it and the very demure (and very nice) Valentino she's wearing below.

Readers, what say you? It was a pretty emotional debate at our table.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bow Down to the High Sheikha of Fashion...Again

We've been a fan of Sheikha Mozah of Qatar for some time now, and she was back in the news today, for all the right reasons: check out her look at a state dinner hosted by the Spanish royal family:

Even with Princess Letizia of Spain, an incredibly beautiful and well-dressed woman, in the photo, the eye goes instantly to our favorite Sheikha. It's very Elizabeth Taylor in her Richard Burton era, or Valentino circa 1970. It's perfect!

This caused me to devote some quality Google time to the Sheikha's recent looks, which are lovingly documented all over the Internet - The Fashion Spot has the best tribute. This outfit, however, is probably my favorite. It also begs this question: why were Sheikha Mozah, Yoo soon-Taek (Ms. Ban Ki-moon), and Suzanne Mubarak doing at the 2008 Bastille Day celebration in Paris? Did they just happen to be in town? It seems like a fairly odd grouping. (For the record, Bashir Al-Assad was there too.) Also, when was the last time Carla Bruni didn't steal a photo?

Anyway, I love, love, love her style. I love how she modifies couture (I'm betting this is Gaultier, which seems to be her go-to designer), and I love that she is going to the Royal Wedding. I can't wait to see what she wears!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pen Thievery

Not fashion, exactly, but having been to several ceremonies like this, I find this something I would have really enjoyed had I been there. The video allegedly shows Czech President Vaclav Klaus inspecting and then pocketing a particularly nice pen during a signing ceremony. To which, I say: one can never have enough pens that mysteriously came home from the office.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Man In The Buttonless Shirt

Bernard-Henri Levy: snobby French intellectual, self-styled modern day Tocqueville, possible instigator of French involvement in the Libyan war, and...chestophile? I saw an isolated photo of him meeting with President Sarkozy wearing this outfit, which, from a Google search, appears to be his day-to-day uniform.


Really? I'm sorry, you're FRENCH, not Italian.  It's bad enough that he feels the world needs to see him like this every day, but the fact that his reputed ladyfriend is Daphne Guinness, global fashion icon who always looks good, or at least doesn't wear the same questionable thing every day, makes it worse. Daphne, do something!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Evacuee Chic

Diplomats have been at the forefront of the news in the past months, working feverishly in places like Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Japan, New Zealand and the Ivory Coast to fend off civil war, protect citizens from their own leaders, and help Americans get out of harm's way and nations to rebuild.

Our brothers and sisters have sacrificed their own personal safety, have broken up their children's school years, have sent loved ones away from their homes - all in order to serve the United States and represent our interests abroad.

We at "Your Bottoms" remains eternally grateful for their determination, dedication, fearlessness and sacrifice. We know the challenges they face, and we know how much it takes to 'Keep Calm and Carry On'.

This blog post is about the lighter, fashionable side of the recent evacuations, and does not in any way minimize the total respect and admiration for our friends and colleagues and their work.

When you're told "You have one hour to get home, pack up, and report back here to get out of the country," your mind races in a million directions at once. Is my passport valid? Do I have my vital papers? Do I have some cash? Are my spouse and kids safely at home? Are they packed? What about my pets? Stilettos or flats for a boat evacuation or should I go for the 'sailor look'?

Just kidding on the last one. But seriously folks, many friends have had to throw things into one (not the Foreign-Service Fashionista's standard TWO giant suitcases, usually evacuees only get one) suitcase and hustle out before the going gets to be untenable. So how do you decide what to pack? What will the weather be like in ______ (fill in evacuee destination of choice)? Will I have report to Main State right away? What do I have in storage? What can I reuse and re-pair to make a small suitcase have some big value?

It's all about versatility in an evacuation. Layering, classic cuts and neutral colors, and the knowledge of what can transition from day to night, from work to play, and can be dressed up or dressed down.

One friend got it just right, as shown in the photo - she's got a classic trench, slim fitting black pants, chic yet comfortable shoes and a Hepburn-esque (Audrey) black turtleneck. Yes, she'd been through some tough times at her post, and yes, she left a career's worth of books, treasures, clothing and sentimental items behind. No, she hasn't slept decently in weeks, and no, she's not sure when she'll see her home again. But does she define "Evacuee Chic"?


Thursday, March 17, 2011

What the Well-Shod Woman Will Be Wearing This Year

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. These are shoes, not only made of horsehair, but made to look like horse feet. (Don't worry, the hooves are not real.) Not only are they incredibly ugly, but they cost a cool 1300 British pounds, which comes out to approximately $1 million $2000. Yep, money well spent.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Treasure Hunters

For those of us who travel the world for a living, there's a certain cache from acquiring the 'real thing' from our travels and posting. "Oh, that's just a 70 year old carpet from the mountains of Armenia," we say casually, belying our pride in having bargained for that particular carpets over 17 cups of tea. "That old thing? It's just a fabric remnant from the Ottoman Empire - it comes from a bride's dress, it's only 150 years old, no big deal," we demur when someone admires our framed pieces of gold-embroidered fabrics lovingly selected from 'the only man in Turkey' who takes the time to track down these fabrics. These items and many others combine to form an aesthetic fondly dubbed "Foreign Service Chic". Pottery Barn it isn't. Crate and Barrel catalog begone. Our African masks are right at home with our antique Latin American trousseaus which happily take their place on top of our natural-dyed rugs.

But what happens when it goes too far? What happens when we start dressing like our treasures? Ladies and gentlemen - above is a photo I would like to caption as "A Bridge Too Far". This woman may have bought this coat thinking "It matches my rugs, fabrics, bridal dresses, everything all in one!". And that's precisely the problem...

Share it, don't wear it!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Air Travel is Chic For Everyone

I am a fan of Stuff Expat Aid Workers like in general, bu tthis post deserves a special plug because:

1) Max is a an old friend from the days of Dushanbe
2) There is a picture of a Tajik Air AN-26
3) It's all true
4) I also love planning air travel

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Family That Shops Together

According to the Kansas City Star, the Bidens are shopping at the Marimekko store in Finland, and Finnegan is trying on the new Marimekko for Converse sneakers. I like a few things about this: Dr. Jill is serious about this little excursion, the shoes are cute, and nice plug for a Finnish-American joint venture! Well done.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Qaddafi vs Sheen - War of Words

Charlie Sheen and Muammar Gaddafi have a few things in common. Awesome hair and megalomaniacal statements are two of them.
Click on the title to test your knowledge of which of our two favorite nut jobs made which absurd statement.
This blogger thinks Charlie might replace Hugo Chavez as Gaddafi's new BFF. Watch out, Tio Hugo!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Principals in Briefs

Apparently, there are political appointees, and then there are nomination politiques. This is Boris Boillon, the new French Ambassador to Tunisia. The photo on the left is on his Buddies from Before page (which appears to be the French

As MSNBC reports, the photo may be the last thing on Ambassador Boillon's mind right now - he called a question from a Tunisian journalist "dumb ass" at his welcome lunch, causing people to protest in front of the French Embassy in Tunisia. If he's sacked, however, I'm sure he has other options.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Princess Watch: 64 Days To Go

One person, and one person alone, will get lots of attention on this blog until the end of time. We share a fondness for English princes and peacock feathers, although she clearly is less fond of afternoon chocolate runs than I. And overall, she aces the look very consistently.

However, I'm not sure about these particular feathers. Without the headband, it still would have been great. That said, she was quite adorable throughout the whole smash-a-bottle-of-champagne-on-the-lifeboat thing.

Then, however, I happened upon this look from January 8. I'm sorry, but doesn't this look a little too much like something Suri Cruise would wear?

My first reaction to this shot of Princess Beatrice was "AAAARGH" - the hat, the eyeshadow...but it grew on me. She's a little kooky, and I suspect she might be fun to be friends with. She probably had at least two glasses of champagne while (whilst?) getting dressed. Also, I really like the coat. British girls tend to really get coats right.

Fashion Victor or Fashion Victim?

Once upon a dark time in our nation's fashion history, Crocs were acceptable footwear to some people. And they do have their uses - the beach and the garden are two of the places you can safely wear Crocs without facing the withering scorn of others.
Considered a boon to some and a bane to others and derided in the same breath as those other hegemonic American icons, McDonald's and Coca-Cola, Crocs have found their way to many corners of the globe. This blogger even saw a Crocs store in the famed Dubai mall, sandwiched between Escada and Cartier.
This Virginia man has thrown caution to the wind by sporting a pair of Crocs as he goes about his daily errands. What a dashing figure our hero-of-the-day cuts!

But wait, I spoke too soon - is that a Louis Vuitton man-purse ("murse" in fashion parlance) he's wearing? Why yes, it is. The daring Crocs coupled with the LV (not a fake, from what this undercover fashionista could discern) murse, which is a risky maneuver itself, present a quandry - are you haute couture or a hot mess? Are you serious about your fashion, or serious about your comfort? And yes, we know that those aren't mutually exclusive, but these two extremes on one fine specimen had this blogger in a conundrum.

Brunei - Land of Mystery (To Me At Least)

I don't know about you guys, but I don't know a whole lot about the nation of Brunei Darussalam. They celebrated their national day this week, but instead of edifying myself via WikiPedia or some other such highly-trustworthy source of information, I wanted to find out what folks are wearing these days in Brunei. Above is photo of their ruler, and his wife (I presume). Note the tiara on top of the headscarf, very chic. Also, if anyone knows how I can get my hands on that ceremonial shield, I could really use one to fend off seventh-floor taskings.
Check out the top photo - love that yellow color! Here's a question though - what's up with monarchs and other 'lifelong rulers' sporting various military uniforms a lot? Let's be honest, it's not like they're really IN the military... but maybe it's the whole "a man in uniform" adage. Your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming to You Live From...the Popemobile?

I've watched the video of Gaddafi on state TV last night over and over, and I still can't quite figure out the set decoration. Is it a tiny electric helicopter? A vintage flatbed truck? The Popemobile? (My best guess.) Regardless, the Russian earflap hat/sketchy vehicle combination makes him look like some sort of Soviet military officer invading Afghanistan. Also, are you telling me that Gaddafi doesn't have a lackey to hold his own umbrella? That's the biggest sign of weakness yet. Have other ideas about this mysterious vehicle? Leave them in the comments.