Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shout-Out: S.M. Krishna

Even though I've seen S.M. Krishna, the Indian Foreign Minister, in a lot of pictures, it just dawned on my today how dapper he is. I think it was this series of photos, in which he appears to be genuinely having a good time. He also is, as usual, rocking the Nehru jacket, which would look silly on a lot of people - but not this guy.

Cute, right? The number of photos in which she is wearing that expression make me think he is a charming guy.

He rocks variations of this suit a lot, and I like them all.

He also pulls off the vest look, which I do give South Asian men credit for wearing successfully.

But this is definitely my favorite shot of him. It also reminds you that a) he is short and b) they are tall.

Can you believe the guy is 79? And that he went to Southern Methodist University? And that Pervez Musharaf also has Dallas ties? I hope they don't run into each other at Neiman Marcus one day - awkward!

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