Thursday, February 24, 2011

Princess Watch: 64 Days To Go

One person, and one person alone, will get lots of attention on this blog until the end of time. We share a fondness for English princes and peacock feathers, although she clearly is less fond of afternoon chocolate runs than I. And overall, she aces the look very consistently.

However, I'm not sure about these particular feathers. Without the headband, it still would have been great. That said, she was quite adorable throughout the whole smash-a-bottle-of-champagne-on-the-lifeboat thing.

Then, however, I happened upon this look from January 8. I'm sorry, but doesn't this look a little too much like something Suri Cruise would wear?

My first reaction to this shot of Princess Beatrice was "AAAARGH" - the hat, the eyeshadow...but it grew on me. She's a little kooky, and I suspect she might be fun to be friends with. She probably had at least two glasses of champagne while (whilst?) getting dressed. Also, I really like the coat. British girls tend to really get coats right.


  1. That's Beatrice. If you're going to like the monarchy, the least you could do is tell them apart. Not that they make it easy with all that inbreeding.

  2. You're focusing on the feathers - they're British yo! That'd be like commenting that they're wearing gaudy big amber rings. The focus in the second picture should be on the purple shoes - all done with the bland top to show off the GREAT legs! And she has um

    Third photo - agreed on the kooky and a couple of champagne's bit. I once had a kooky, drunk brit lass pull down my britches in a dance club and want it right there...being the sound gent I am I didn't...well not there.

  3. How could you focus on the hat and the eyeshadow when the teeth were the real odd thing in that photo? shudder, shudder.