Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bow Down to the High Sheikha of Fashion...Again

We've been a fan of Sheikha Mozah of Qatar for some time now, and she was back in the news today, for all the right reasons: check out her look at a state dinner hosted by the Spanish royal family:

Even with Princess Letizia of Spain, an incredibly beautiful and well-dressed woman, in the photo, the eye goes instantly to our favorite Sheikha. It's very Elizabeth Taylor in her Richard Burton era, or Valentino circa 1970. It's perfect!

This caused me to devote some quality Google time to the Sheikha's recent looks, which are lovingly documented all over the Internet - The Fashion Spot has the best tribute. This outfit, however, is probably my favorite. It also begs this question: why were Sheikha Mozah, Yoo soon-Taek (Ms. Ban Ki-moon), and Suzanne Mubarak doing at the 2008 Bastille Day celebration in Paris? Did they just happen to be in town? It seems like a fairly odd grouping. (For the record, Bashir Al-Assad was there too.) Also, when was the last time Carla Bruni didn't steal a photo?

Anyway, I love, love, love her style. I love how she modifies couture (I'm betting this is Gaultier, which seems to be her go-to designer), and I love that she is going to the Royal Wedding. I can't wait to see what she wears!

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