Sunday, August 21, 2011


Vanity Fair's annual best-dressed list is out, and we congratulate YBMMF faves Sheikha Mozah and Princess Kate on their well-deserved inclusion. However, we were struck by the inclusion of the Duchess of Alba, a current obsession of ours, but not necessarily in a best-dressed way.

Yes, it's true that the easiest reaction to her is "what happened to her face?" However, her Wikipedia page alone is amazing, for the following reasons:
- she is related to both Winston Churchill and Goya;
- her six children all have unbelievably long names, and most either have their own paternity questions or have produced children that do;
- her current boyfriend is 24 years her junior (you go!) and she is allegedly giving her children their inheritances early in order to get them to BUTT OUT AND LET HER HAVE FUN WITH A CUTE YOUNG GUY AND NOT ALWAYS TALK ABOUT THE MONEY.
- she allegedly has so many titles that Queen Elizabeth would have to bow to HER.

So, she's probably pretty fun. And the clothes? The clothes are, as they say, loco.

Yeah, loco. However, she's 86 and not wearing orthopedic shoes and/or mom jeans (she's probably never even seen them), and I would actually consider wearing those flats. I'm not sure if it's best-dressed, but I kind of dig it.

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