Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sixteen(ish) Days of Glory

It's been quite a hiatus around here. Between the getting married, having babies, moving, working and Nordstrom sample sale shopping, the ladies of YBMMF haven't exactly given it their all in the last year. Nothing screams "comeback," however, like the Olympics. There are too many existential questions out their that we need to answer:

- who will have the worst uniforms?
- how many men can we not feel bad objectifying because they have pictures like that on their official websites?
- most importantly, what will Kate Middleton, Pippa, Victoria Beckham, Michelle Obama and others wearing?

 Consider us the Anthony Ervin of blogs - we're back, bitches, we can do this in our sleep, we're gonna win more gold medal, and then probably retire to a quiet life of getting more tattoos and playing the guitar.

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