Sunday, July 29, 2012

Awkward Olympic Uniform Modeling

I totally fell asleep before the athletes marched around during the Opening Ceremonies, but that's what the Internet is good for: letting my pick out the worst two days later and make fun of them.

First up, China: Olympic athletes, or flight attendants?

Seriously, I think these guys served me plov on a China Southern flight once. except that really tall guy. Also, I'm not sure it's really that funny to have your uniforms modeled by only gymnasts and basketball players - everyone looks weird.

Next up, Russia, which is generally okay, except:

Yep, those are official team Russia belly bags. This is not 1992. (Ed. note: sorry Mom! Yours is awesome.)

Hay, que chiste es esto?


These girls are really pretty, right? And yet, all I see is a) stupid flowers, b) satin and c) horrible scarf torture.

Finally, to end on a positive note, here is Team GB:

I felt there was an overuse of blazers this year (not that I don't overuse them myself, but it was hard to tell one blazer-clad team from another). Stella McCartney saves the day! They are, after all, athletes, and they sweat, and it's cold in the UK. This is my gold medalist!

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