Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Afghan Presidential Election: Either Way, Dapper Wins!

As Afghans go to the polls in a runoff election to determine Hamid Karzai's successor, this much is certain: the next Afghan president will carry on Karzai's legacy of being one of the world's best-dressed leaders. Rivals Abdullah Abdullah (the Afghan politician so stylish they named him twice) and Ashraf Ghani both understand how to rock a tribal/western mix. Let's go to the tap.


Yep, that is a neck scarf, with some sort of cool tie. And a white jacket. And that's not all.

We have your plaid jacket, with a well-selected tie/shirt combo....

Your Nehru jacket, and a pose in front of a portrait of Massoud...

And a circa-2001 portrait. I think I speak for a lot of ladies when I say: no wonder we supported the Northern Alliance.

Now, Dr. Ghani. It's hard to select favorites - his looks can be broken down into three distinct categories.

1) The Vest

2) The Scarf

3) The Vest-Scarf Combo

He definitely has a more distinctly South-Central Asian look than Abdullah, which makes sense, given his need to overcome the fact that he lived in the West for far longer (and went to Columbia).

Either way, hats (or turbans) off to both - and I look forward to seeing either man's wardrobe choices on a world stage.

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